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src/p/i/PixivUtil2-HEAD/PixivUtil2.py   PixivUtil2(Download)
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
import PixivConstant
import PixivConfig
import PixivDBManager

src/p/i/PixivUtil2-HEAD/PixivModel.py   PixivUtil2(Download)
                        if artistToken == None or artistToken != 'common':
                            PixivHelper.GetLogger().info("Unable to parse Artist Token from image list, try to parse from the first image")
                            import PixivBrowserFactory, PixivConstant
                            firstImageLink = temp.find('a', attrs={'class':'work'})['href']
                            if firstImageLink.find("http") != 0:

src/p/i/PixivUtil2-HEAD/PixivHelper.py   PixivUtil2(Download)
import subprocess
import sys
import PixivModel, PixivConstant
import logging, logging.handlers
import datetime