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src/c/o/CoolProp-4.2.0/CoolProp/Plots/__init__.py   CoolProp(Download)
#Bring some functions into the Plots namespace for code concision
from __future__ import absolute_import
from .Plots import PropsPlot, IsoLines, drawIsoLines
from .Plots import Ph, Ts, Ps, PT, Prho, Trho, hs

src/c/o/CoolProp-4.2.0/CoolProp/Plots/Tests.py   CoolProp(Download)
from Plots import PropsPlot #TODO: Change to absolute import
def main():
    fluid_ref = 'n-Pentane'
    for plot_type in ['Ts']: #['pt', 'ph', 'ps', 'ts', 'pt', 'prho', 'trho']:
        plt = PropsPlot(fluid_ref, plot_type)