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src/p/o/pow_devel-HEAD/scripts/stuff/100posts.py   pow_devel(Download)
if __name__=="__main__":
    p = Post.Post()
    for elem in range(1,10):
        p.title = u"This is new post number %s" % (str(elem))

src/p/o/pow_devel-HEAD/scripts/blog/populate_posts.py   pow_devel(Download)
        if line.lower().find("chapter") != -1 and skip <= counter:
            print line
            p = Post.Post()
            p.title = l[counter]
            p.content = ""

src/t/r/Tripcode-Dictionary-Tools-HEAD/tdt/core/__init__.py   Tripcode-Dictionary-Tools(Download)
from WebEntity import WebEntity
from Image     import Image
from Post      import Post
from Thread    import Thread
from Board     import Board