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src/e/m/emesene-HEAD/mesinyer/plugins/music/songretriever.py   emesene(Download)
import urllib
import gobject
import Preferences
from gui.gtkui.AvatarManager import AvatarManager

src/e/m/emesene-HEAD/mesinyer/gui/gtkui/__init__.py   emesene(Download)
    import NiceBar
    import PluginWindow
    import Preferences
    import Renderers
    import StatusMenu

src/e/m/emesene-supported-plugins-HEAD/music/songretriever.py   emesene-supported-plugins(Download)
import urllib
import glib
import Preferences
from gui.base.AvatarManager import AvatarManager

src/e/m/emesene-supported-plugins-HEAD/last_said/plugin.py   emesene-supported-plugins(Download)
import datetime
from datetime import timedelta
import Preferences
import Queue

src/e/m/emesene-supported-plugins-HEAD/idle_status/plugin.py   emesene-supported-plugins(Download)
        from xidletimer import XIdleTimer as OSTimer
import Preferences
# I don't know if mac uses Xlib or something, I've found some reference to

src/q/u/QuarterMoon-HEAD/src/SpaceView.py   QuarterMoon(Download)
import pygame, pygame.gfxdraw, math
import Star, Point, SpriteManager, Preferences
class SpaceView:
	"""Class SpaceView contains the complete visible interface of QM"""

src/q/u/QuarterMoon-HEAD/src/Controller.py   QuarterMoon(Download)
import Selection
import Point
import Preferences

src/p/y/pycc-HEAD/gui/Gui.py   pycc(Download)
import tkinter as tk
import Frontend, Preferences
class MainWindow(tk.Tk):

src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/main.py   music-player(Download)
	# XXX: Maybe move all this to `State` module?
	import State
	import Preferences
	import Search
	import SongEdit