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src/g/o/gocept.linkchecker-3.0a9/src/gocept/linkchecker/database.py   gocept.linkchecker(Download)
    def getLinkIterator(self):
        """returns generator for all link objects"""
        for id in self.getAllLinkIds():
            yield self.get(id)

src/p/r/Products.Bitakora-1.1/Products/Bitakora/BitakoraCommunity.py   Products.Bitakora(Download)
    def _buildIndexes(self):
        """ Stuff to create Catalog indexes """
        # get the Catalog in a BTreeFolder2 way: as if it was a dictionary
        catalog = self.get('Catalog')
        # delete any existing indexes
        for id in ids:
            blog = self.get(id)
            rol = blog.get_local_roles()
            del_users.extend([user for user, roles in rol])