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src/p/r/Products.CMFBibliographyAT-   Products.CMFBibliographyAT(Download)
    def __call__(self):
        # This check is completely bullshit: it does not take export
        # adapters into account nor does it work with the old-style
        # IBibliographyExport interface as used in base.py
        return IBibliographyExport.providedBy(self.context) or IBibliographicItem.providedBy(self.context)

src/h/u/humboldt.cmfbibliographyat-0.2.0/humboldt/cmfbibliographyat/adapters/adapters.py   humboldt.cmfbibliographyat(Download)
        brains = self.context.getFolderContents()
        objs = [brain.getObject() for brain in brains]
        objs = [o for o in objs if IBibliographicItem.providedBy(o)]
        for o in objs:
            o2 = IFeedEntry(o, None)

src/p/r/Products.ATBiblioStyles-1.0.0/Products/ATBiblioStyles/tool/bibliostyles.py   Products.ATBiblioStyles(Download)
        # (added ajung)
        # allow 'refs' being a single bibliographic item
        if IBibliographicItem.providedBy(refs):
            objs = [refs]

src/p/r/Products.RefBiblioParser-1.2/src/Products/RefBiblioParser/RefRenderer.py   Products.RefBiblioParser(Download)
        objects = IBibliography(objects, objects)
        found = False
        if IBibliographicItem.providedBy(objects):
            entries = [objects]
            found = True

src/b/i/bibliograph.rendering-1.0.2/bibliograph/rendering/utility.py   bibliograph.rendering(Download)
        found = False
        if HAVE_CMFBIB_AT:
            if IBibliographicItem.providedBy(objects):
                entries = [objects]
                found = True