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src/p/r/Products.CMFCore-2.2.8/Products/CMFCore/ActionInformation.py   Products.CMFCore(Download)
    def setActionExpression(self, action):
        if action and isinstance(action, basestring):
            if ( not action.startswith('string:')
                 and not action.startswith('python:') ):
                action = 'string:${object_url}/%s' % action
    def setIconExpression(self, icon_expr):
        if icon_expr and isinstance(icon_expr, basestring):
            if ( not icon_expr.startswith('string:')
                 and not icon_expr.startswith('python:') ):
                icon_expr = 'string:${object_url}/%s' % icon_expr

src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/product/ERP5Type/patches/ActionInformation.py   erp5(Download)
    def setIconExpression(self, icon):
        if icon and type( icon ) is StringType:
            if not icon.startswith('python:')  and not icon.startswith('string:'):
                icon = 'string:${object_url}/%s' % icon
                icon = Expression( icon )