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src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/product/ERP5Type/patches/CMFCoreSkinnable.py   erp5(Download)
from Products.CMFCore import Skinnable
from Products.CMFCore.Skinnable import SKINDATA, SkinnableObjectManager
from thread import get_ident
        skinname = sf.getDefaultSkin()
  tid = get_ident()
  SKINDATA[tid] = (skinname, {'portal_skins': None}, {})
  if REQUEST is None:
    REQUEST = getattr(self, 'REQUEST', None)
  if REQUEST is not None:
    REQUEST._hold(SkinDataCleanup(tid, SKINDATA[tid]))
  def __del__(self):
    tid = self.tid
    if SKINDATA is None:
    skindata = SKINDATA.get(tid)
    if skindata is not None:
      if self.hashSkinData(skindata) == self.skindata_id:
          # Entry might have already disapeared. Ignore.
          del SKINDATA[tid]

src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/product/ERP5Form/ProxyField.py   erp5(Download)
from Products.ERP5Form.Form import copyMethod, isCacheable
from Products.CMFCore.Skinnable import SKINDATA
from thread import get_ident

src/g/o/gomobile.mobile-1.0.5/gomobile/mobile/tests/test_discriminator.py   gomobile.mobile(Download)
        from Products.CMFCore import Skinnable
        # Per-request per thread active skins
        SKINDATA = Skinnable.SKINDATA
        # Assume we have only one thread

src/p/r/Products.CMFCore-2.2.8/Products/CMFCore/tests/test_SkinsTool.py   Products.CMFCore(Download)
    def tearDown(self):
        from Products.CMFCore.Skinnable import SKINDATA