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src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/product/CMFActivity/ActiveProcess.py   erp5(Download)
from Products.ERP5Type.Base import Base
from Products.ERP5Type import PropertySheet
from Products.ERP5Type.ConflictFree import ConflictFreeLog
from BTrees.Length import Length
from Products.CMFActivity.ActiveObject import INVOKE_ERROR_STATE
  def __init__(self, *args, **kw):
    Base.__init__(self, *args, **kw)
    self.result_list = ConflictFreeLog()
  security.declareProtected(CMFCorePermissions.ManagePortal, 'postResult')
    except AttributeError:
      # BBB: self was created before implementation of __init__
      self.result_list = result_list = ConflictFreeLog()
      if type(result_list) is not ConflictFreeLog: # BBB: result_list is IOBTree

src/e/r/erp5-HEAD/bt5/test_conflict_resolution/TestTemplateItem/portal_components/test.erp5.testConflictResolution.py   erp5(Download)
  def testConflictFreeLog(self):
    from Products.ERP5Type.ConflictFree import ConflictFreeLog
    for t in (1, 404, 4), (500, 407, 3), (1000, 407, 2), (1500, 808, 1):
      self.conn1.root()['x'] = x1 = ConflictFreeLog(bucket_size=t[0])