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Module to analyze Python source code; for syntax coloring tools.

    tags = fontify(pytext, searchfrom, searchto)

The 'pytext' argument is a string containing Python source code.
The (optional) arguments 'searchfrom' and 'searchto' may contain a slice in pytext.
The returned value is a list of tuples, formatted like this:
    [('keyword', 0, 6, None),
     ('keyword', 11, 17, None),(more...)

src/p/y/pysideqwt-HEAD/qt4examples/py2html.py   pysideqwt(Download)
# Borrow (or steal?) PyFontify.py from reportlab.lib.
import PyFontify
import sys

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/DocSupport/py2html.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
        # load Just's fontifier
            import PyFontify
            if PyFontify.__version__ < '0.3':
                raise ImportError