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src/p/y/PyPursuit-1.1.0/examples/pymp_tutorial2.py   PyPursuit(Download)
from PyMP.mdct import Dico, LODico
from PyMP.mdct.rand import SequenceDico
from PyMP import mp, mp_coder, Signal
signal = Signal('../data/ClocheB.wav', mono=True)  # Load Signal
signal.crop(0, 4.0 * signal.fs)     # Keep only 4 seconds

src/p/y/PyPursuit-1.1.0/examples/pymp_tutorial.py   PyPursuit(Download)
import numpy as np
from PyMP.mdct import Dico, atom
from PyMP import Signal, approx
sig = Signal('../data/glocs.wav', debug_level=3)
print sub_sig
new_sig = Signal(np.ones((8,)), 1)
print "Padding"
dico = Dico([128, 1024, 8192])
sig = Signal('../data/glocs.wav', mono=True)
app = approx.Approx(dico, [], sig)

src/p/y/PyPursuit-1.1.0/examples/pymp_tutorial4.py   PyPursuit(Download)
os.environ['PYMP_PATH'] = '/home/manu/workspace/PyMP/'
from PyMP.mdct import Dico
from PyMP import mp, Signal
from PyMP.tools.Misc import euclid_dist, hamming_dist
# Decomposing and visualizing the sparse dec
signal = Signal(op.join(os.environ['PYMP_PATH'],'data/Bach_prelude_4s.wav'), mono=True)