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src/p/y/PyPursuit-1.1.0/examples/pymp_tutorial4.py   PyPursuit(Download)
# Now the information distance
from PyMP.mp_coder import joint_coding_distortion
# Measure the distortion of joint coding using approx of first patter as the reference
max_rate = 1000 # maximum bitrate allowed (in bits)
search_width = 1024 # maximum time shift allowed in samples
info_dist = joint_coding_distortion(sig_occ2, app_1, max_rate, search_width)
info_dist_rev = joint_coding_distortion(sig_occ1, app_2, max_rate, search_width)
        # test all preceeding segments only
        target_sig = long_signal.get_sub_signal(idx, 1, mono=True, pad=dico.get_pad(),fast_create=True)                                                                        
        dists[idx,jdx] = joint_coding_distortion(target_sig, apps[jdx],max_rate,1024, initfftw=False)