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src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/PyMcaPlugins/AdvancedAlignmentScanPlugin.py   pymca(Download)
            +'     transformed back to real space. Recommended for data with\n'
            +'     resp. regions with constant background.')
        # Alignment Method selector
            +'     Like FIT, but the fit is performed on the derivate of the\n'
            +'     spectrum. Recommended procedure for XAFS data.')
        # Fill table with data

src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/PyMcaGui/pymca/XMCDWindow.py   pymca(Download)
        self.expCBox = qt.QComboBox(self)
        self.expCBox.setToolTip('Select configuration of predefined\n'
                               +'experiment or configure new experiment')