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src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/PyMcaGui/plotting/LegendSelector.py   pymca(Download)
    def setLegendList(self, legendList, row=None):
        if row is None:
            row = 0
        model = self.model()
    def clear(self):
        model = self.model()
        if DEBUG == 1:
            print('LegendListView.clear() finished')
    def setContextMenu(self, contextMenu=None):#, actionList):
        delegate = self.itemDelegate()
        if isinstance(delegate, LegendListItemWidget) and self.model():
            if contextMenu is None:
                delegate.contextMenu = LegendListContextMenu(self.model())
    def __getitem__(self, idx):
        model = self.model()
            item = model[idx]
        except ValueError: