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src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/PyMcaGui/physics/xrf/FitPeakSelect.py   pymca(Download)
    def __resetAll(self):
        msg=qt.QMessageBox.warning( self, "Clear selection",
                      "Do you want to reset the selection for all elements?",
        if msg == qt.QMessageBox.No:

src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/PyMcaGui/pymca/XiaCorrectWizard.py   pymca(Download)
    def check(self):
        pars= self.get()
        if not pars["deadtime"] and not pars["livetime"] and pars["sums"] is None:
            qt.QMessageBox.warning(self, "No corections or sum", \
                    "You must at least choose one of livetime, deadtime or sum detectors.", \
    def __directoryCheck(self):
        dirname= qt.safe_str(self.directory.text())
        if len(dirname):
            if not os.path.isdir(dirname):
                qt.QMessageBox.warning(self, "Output Directory", \