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src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/itemviews/pixelator/pixelator.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def showAboutBox(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About the Pixelator example",
                "This example demonstrates how a standard view and a custom\n"
                "delegate can be used to produce a specialized "
                "representation\nof data in a simple custom model.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/webkit/previewer/previewer.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About Previewer",
                "The <b>Previewer</b> example demonstrates how to view HTML "
                "documents using a QtWebKitWidgets.QWebView.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/tools/codecs/codecs.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About Codecs",
                "The <b>Codecs</b> example demonstrates how to read and "
                "write files using various encodings.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/activeqt/webbrowser/webbrowser.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def on_actionAbout_triggered(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About WebBrowser",
                "This Example has been created using the ActiveQt integration into Qt Designer.\n"
                "It demonstrates the use of QAxWidget to embed the Internet Explorer ActiveX\n"
                "control into a Qt application.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/mainwindows/sdi/sdi.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About SDI",
                "The <b>SDI</b> example demonstrates how to write single "
                "document interface applications using Qt.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/mainwindows/mdi/mdi.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About MDI",
                "The <b>MDI</b> example demonstrates how to write multiple "
                "document interface applications using Qt.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/mainwindows/application/application.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About Application",
                "The <b>Application</b> example demonstrates how to write "
                "modern GUI applications using Qt, with a menu bar, "
                "toolbars, and a status bar.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/richtext/textedit/textedit.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About", 
                "This example demonstrates Qt's rich text editing facilities "
                "in action, providing an example document for you to "
                "experiment with.")

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/dockwidgets.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About Dock Widgets",
                "The <b>Dock Widgets</b> example demonstrates how to use "
                "Qt's dock widgets. You can enter your own text, click a "
                "customer to add a customer name and address, and click "

src/p/y/pyqt5-HEAD/examples/mainwindows/recentfiles.py   pyqt5(Download)
    def about(self):
        QMessageBox.about(self, "About Recent Files",
                "The <b>Recent Files</b> example demonstrates how to provide "
                "a recently used file menu in a Qt application.")

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