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@summary: Raised when a QueueReader or QueueWriter fails to start in
the given timeout.

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Core/QueueWriter/QueueWriter.py   PyRQ(Download)
    def start(self):
        if self._sock!=None:
            raise Errors.AlreadyStartedError()
        if self._target==None:
            raise Errors.ConfigurationError("Target not configured.")

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Core/QueueServer/QueueServer.py   PyRQ(Download)
    def waitUntilRunning(self, block=True, timeout=None):
        if not self._startMutex.acquire(block=block, timeout=timeout):
            raise Errors.ConfigurationError()
        return self
    def run(self):