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@summary: Raised when a socket connection is closed (ie: EOF is received).

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Iface/PyRQIface.py   PyRQ(Download)
                    except AttributeError, _e:
                        self._logger.error("socket remotely closed already from: %(W)s"%{"W":sockDetails})
                        raise Errors.Finished()
                    If timeout==None then the user wants to wait indefinitely until either
                        except AttributeError, _e:
                            if not self._quiet: self._logger.error("socket closed already when waiting for receive from: %(W)s"%{"W":sockDetails})
                            raise Errors.Finished()
                        except Exception, e:
                            #    Need to close!
                                #    Socket has been remotely shutdown:
                                if not self._quiet: self._logger.error("socket remotely closed already when processing data from: %(W)s"%{"W":sockDetails})
                                raise Errors.Finished()
                            marshaller = self._marshaller
                            for p in marshaller.receive(data):