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@summary: Always set the queue namespace either in the constructor or via
@summary: Always set the RRQ details via setPYRQ().

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Iface/QIface.py   PyRQ(Download)
from PyRQ.Iface.iPyRQIface import iPyRQIface
from multiprocessing.queues import Queue
import itertools
from PyRQ.Core.QueueServer.QueueServerDetails import QueueServerDetails
class QIface(iPyRQIface):

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Iface/PyRQIface.py   PyRQ(Download)
from PyRQ.Core.Messages.QSIZE import QSIZE
from PyRQ.Core.Utils.PyRQTimeUtils import PyRQTimeUtils
from PyRQ.Iface.iPyRQIface import iPyRQIface
from PyRQ.RRQ.RRQPackage import RRQPackage
from PyRQ.RRQ.RRQType import RRQType
class PyRQIface(iPyRQIface):
    @summary: A physical interface to a PyRQ.
    The PyRQ must be reachable on the network or loopback adaptor.
    To make all interfaces use the same PyRQ instance, set it's details: setGlobalPYRQ().