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@summary: Run a PyRQ in another Python Process using the 'subprocess' module.

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Debugger/debugger.py   PyRQ(Download)
from PyRQ import PyRQServer
import PyRQ
import os
    if noTestQueue==False:
        qs = PyRQServer(

src/p/y/PyRQ-0.4.1/PyRQ/Ui/qt4/RRQDebugger/__init__.py   PyRQ(Download)
from PyRQ import PyRQServer
from PyRQ.Core.QueueServer.QueueServerDetails import QueueServerDetails
from PyRQ.Ui.qt4.RRQDebugger.RRQDebugger import RRQDebugger
from optparse import OptionParser