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src/f/o/FontTools-2.4/Lib/fontTools/nfntLib.py   FontTools(Download)
	def createQdBitImage(self):
		import Qd
		self.bitImage = Qd.BitMap(self.bits, 2 * self.rowWords, (0, 0, self.rowWords * 16, self.fRectHeight))
	def drawstring(self, astring, destbits, xOffset=0, yOffset=0):
	def drawchar(self, ch, destbits, xOffset, yOffset=0):
		import Qd
		width, bounds, destbounds = self.getcharbounds(ch)
		destbounds = Qd.OffsetRect(destbounds, xOffset, yOffset)
		Qd.CopyBits(self.bitImage, destbits, bounds, destbounds, 1, None)

src/f/o/FontTools-2.4/Mac/TTX.py   FontTools(Download)
def SetWatchCursor():
	import Qd, QuickDraw
def SetArrowCursor():
	import Qd

src/f/o/FontTools-2.4/Lib/fontTools/ttLib/test/ttBrowser.py   FontTools(Download)
import ATM
import numpy
import Qd
from rf.views.wGlyphList import GlyphList
	def draw(self, visRgn=None):
		# This a HELL of a routine, but it's pretty damn fast...
		import Qd
		if not self._visible: