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Wrap a file handle to allow seeks back to the beginning

Sometimes data coming from a socket or other input file handle isn't
what it was supposed to be.  For example, suppose you are reading from
a buggy server which is supposed to return an XML stream but can also
return an unformatted error message.  (This often happens because the
server doesn't handle incorrect input very well.)

A ReseekFile helps solve this problem.  It is a wrapper to the
original input stream but provides a buffer.  Read requests to the(more...)

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/parse.py   eutils(Download)
import codecs, time, urllib, re, htmlentitydefs
from xml.sax import xmlreader, SAXException
import Datatypes, ReseekFile, MultiDict
from xml.sax.handler import feature_external_ges
import POM