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src/r/h/rhinopythonscripts-HEAD/FileTools.py   rhinopythonscripts(Download)
import Rhino
from Rhino.FileIO import FileWriteOptions, FileReadOptions
import scriptcontext
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
def importFiles(filePathList):
    '''Import a list of files'''
    opt = FileReadOptions()
    opt.ImportMode = True
    for f in filePathList:

src/r/h/rhinopythonscripts-HEAD/Make2D.py   rhinopythonscripts(Download)
    n = editFilePrefix("C:\\LocalCodeFullBatch\\AxoPrep\\AxoPrep","C:\\LocalCodeFullBatch\\AiAxo\\AiAxo",files)
    exports = editFileExt(".3dm", ".ai", n)
    opt = Rhino.FileIO.FileReadOptions()