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src/l/a/ladybug-HEAD/src/Ladybug_ShadingDesigner.py   ladybug(Download)
        centerPt = bbox.Center 
        #glazing hieghts
        glzHeight = minZPt.DistanceTo(maxZPt)
        # find number of shadings
        centerPt = bbox.Center 
        #glazing distance
        glzHeight = minXYPt.DistanceTo(maxXYPt)
        # find number of shadings
                            curveBBox = curve.GetBoundingBox(False)
                            curveBBoxCen = curveBBox.Center
                            cenDist.append(rc.Geometry.Point3d.DistanceTo(shadeBBoxCen, curveBBoxCen))
                        cenDist1, splitShades1 = (list(t) for t in zip(*sorted(zip(cenDist, splitShades))))
                        if mergeVectors_ == True:

src/h/o/Honeybee-HEAD/src/Honeybee_Glazing based on ratio.py   Honeybee(Download)
        #Find the maximum acceptable area for setting the glazing at the sill height.
        heightClosestPt = rc.Geometry.Curve.PointAt(rectTopCurve, rc.Geometry.LineCurve.ClosestPoint(rectTopCurve, rectBtmCurve.PointAtEnd)[1])
        rectHeight = rc.Geometry.Point3d.DistanceTo(heightClosestPt, rectBtmCurve.PointAtEnd)
        rectHeightVec = rc.Geometry.Vector3d(heightClosestPt.X - rectBtmCurve.PointAtEnd.X, heightClosestPt.Y - rectBtmCurve.PointAtEnd.Y, heightClosestPt.Z - rectBtmCurve.PointAtEnd.Z)
        maxWinHeightSill = rectHeight - silHeight