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src/r/u/Rubik-0.0.1/Rubik/View/Cube3DView.py   Rubik(Download)
from visual import *
import Rubik.Model.Cube
class Cube3DView:
    """ A rubik's cube view class for 3d representation of the cube.

src/r/u/Rubik-0.0.1/Rubik/Controller/RubikCube.py   Rubik(Download)
import visual
import Rubik.Model.Cube
import Rubik.Controller.CubeMover
import Rubik.View.Cube3DView

src/r/u/Rubik-0.0.1/Rubik/Controller/CubeMover.py   Rubik(Download)
import Rubik.Model.Cube
class CubeMover:
    """ A class to control movement of the cube.