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A lexer for SGML, using derived classes as parser and DTD.

This module provides a transparent interface allowing the use of
alternate lexical analyzers without modifying higher levels of SGML
or HTML support.

src/t/r/Trail-HEAD/src/sgml/SGMLParser.py   Trail(Download)
"""A parser for SGML, using the derived class as static DTD."""
__version__ = "$Revision: 1.27 $"
import SGMLLexer

src/t/r/Trail-HEAD/src/sgml/SGMLHandler.py   Trail(Download)
# $Source: /projects/cvsroot/grail/dist/src/sgml/SGMLHandler.py,v $
import SGMLLexer
import SGMLParser

src/t/r/Trail-HEAD/src/sgml/HTMLParser.py   Trail(Download)
import string
import SGMLHandler
import SGMLLexer
import SGMLParser