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Utility functions and classes for SRP

Context : SRP
Module  : SRPUtil.py
Version : 1.22.1
Status  : approved
Author  : Stefano Covino, Nino Cucchiara
Date    : 11/03/2014
E-mail  : stefano.covino@brera.inaf.it
URL:    : http://www.merate.mi.astro.it/utenti/covino(more...)

src/s/r/SRPAstro-3.11.0/SRP/SRPAstro.py   SRPAstro(Download)
from scipy.optimize import fmin
#import scipy.stats
import SRPUtil
import SRP.stats as stats
from SRP.SRPStatistics.AverIterSigmaClipp import AverIterSigmaClipp