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src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/Object3D/SceneGLWindow.py   pymca(Download)
#End of PyMca specific imports
import Object3DConfig
import SceneGLWidget
import Object3DIcons

src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/Object3D/Object3DRedBookFont.py   pymca(Download)
__copyright__ = "European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France"
import Object3DQt as qt
import SceneGLWidget
import OpenGL.GL  as GL
import numpy

src/p/y/pymca-HEAD/PyMca5/Object3D/Object3DBase.py   pymca(Download)
    object3D.setSelected(1) #otherways we'll see nothing
    if 0:
        import SceneGLWidget
        window = SceneGLWidget.SceneGLWidget()
        window.addObject3D(object3D, name)