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Holds a mixin that a Job, Dispatcher, and DispatcherMonitor use

src/b/o/bombardier_server-1.10-783/lib/cnm/Job.py   bombardier_server(Download)
"""This is a job that runs underneath the dispatcher. Typically is going to
perform some kind of action on a remote machine. Could also be used to
run a build on the CNM server itself"""
import ServerLogMixin

src/b/o/bombardier_server-1.10-783/lib/cnm/DispatchMonitor.py   bombardier_server(Download)
"Keeps track of all the jobs running on the CNM"
import ServerLogMixin
from threading import Thread
from bombardier_core.static_data import OK, FAIL

src/b/o/bombardier_server-1.10-783/lib/cnm/Dispatcher.py   bombardier_server(Download)
from LocalMachineInterface import LocalMachineInterface 
import Job
import ServerLogMixin
from Commands import BuildCommand, ShellCommand, BombardierCommand
import DispatchMonitor