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src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/main.py   music-player(Download)
def handleApplicationInit():
	import State
	if not appinfo.args.nomodstartup:
		for m in State.modules: m.start()
	# subsystems, like GUI.
	# XXX: Maybe move all this to `State` module?
	import State
	import Preferences
	import Search

src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/gui.py   music-player(Download)
	try: ctx().rootObjs.clear()
	except Exception: pass # might already be out of scope
	import State
	State.state = None
	import songdb
			# would work correctly in that case. we really should work
			# out some generic nice and clean update-handling...
			import State
			return State.state.curSong

src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/State.py   music-player(Download)
def reloadModules():
	# reload some custom random Python modules
	import utils
	import Song, State

src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/Song.py   music-player(Download)
	def metadata(self):
		if self._metadata is not None: return self._metadata
		import State
		player = State.state.player
		if self._fileMetadata is None:

src/m/u/music-player-HEAD/mpdBackend.py   music-player(Download)
MpdVersion = "0.17.0"
import utils, time, State
state = State.state

src/s/p/spec-HEAD/SPEC/TextEdit.py   spec(Download)
from PyQt4.QtGui import QTextCharFormat
import copy
import KeyEvent, State, TextDocument
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

src/s/p/spec-HEAD/SPEC/LineEdit.py   spec(Download)
from PyQt4.QtGui import QLineEdit as Base
from PyQt4.QtCore import Qt, QEvent
import Globals, State
from KeyEvent import KeyEvent

src/s/p/spec-HEAD/SPEC/Interact.py   spec(Download)
from sys import stdin
from MiniBufferPromptMode import MiniBufferPromptMode
import State
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)