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Structured Text Manipulation

Parse a structured text string into a form that can be used with 
structured formats, like html.

Structured text is text that uses indentation and simple
symbology to indicate the structure of a document.  

A structured string consists of a sequence of paragraphs separated by
one or more blank lines.  Each paragraph has a level which is defined(more...)

src/r/o/roundup-1.5.0/roundup/cgi/templating.py   roundup(Download)
except ImportError:
    try: # older version
        import StructuredText
    except ImportError:
        StructuredText = None

src/p/y/py2tex-4.3/struct2latex.py   py2tex(Download)
import re, string
import StructuredText
ST = StructuredText
regex = ST.regex