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Manage temp files

Earlier this had routines for keeping track of existing tempfiles.
Now we just use normal rpaths instead of the TempFile class.

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/restore.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
import Globals, Time, Rdiff, Hardlink, selection, rpath, \
	   log, robust, metadata, statistics, TempFile, hash, longname

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/regress.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
from __future__ import generators
import signal, errno, re, os
import Globals, restore, log, rorpiter, TempFile, metadata, rpath, C, \
	   Time, backup, robust, longname

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/Rdiff.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
import os, librsync
import Globals, log, static, TempFile, rpath, hash

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/fs_abilities.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
import errno, os
import Globals, log, TempFile, selection, robust, SetConnections, \
	   static, FilenameMapping, win_acls

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/connection.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
# everything has to be available here for remote connection's use, but
# put at bottom to reduce circularities.
import Globals, Time, Rdiff, Hardlink, FilenameMapping, C, Security, \
	   Main, rorpiter, selection, increment, statistics, manage, lazy, \
	   iterfile, rpath, robust, restore, manage, backup, connection, \

src/r/d/rdiff-backup-HEAD/rdiff_backup/backup.py   rdiff-backup(Download)
from __future__ import generators
import errno
import Globals, metadata, rorpiter, TempFile, Hardlink, robust, increment, \
	   rpath, static, log, selection, Time, Rdiff, statistics, iterfile, \
	   hash, longname