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Low-level interface to NCBI's EUtils for Entrez search and retrieval

For higher-level interfaces, see DBIdsClient (which works with a set
of database identifiers) and HistoryClient (which does a much better
job of handling history).

There are five classes of services:
  ESearch - search a database
  EPost - upload a list of indicies for further use
  ESummary - get document summaries for a given set of records(more...)

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/HistoryClient.py   eutils(Download)
import types
import ThinClient, parse, Datatypes, Mixins, Config
class HistoryCookie:

src/e/u/eutils-HEAD/EUtils/DBIdsClient.py   eutils(Download)
import types
import parse, Mixins, Config, ThinClient, Datatypes
class DBIdsLookup(object):