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Drag-and-drop support for Tkinter.

This is very preliminary.  I currently only support dnd *within* one
application, between different windows (or within the same window).

I an trying to make this as generic as possible -- not dependent on
the use of a particular widget or icon type, etc.  I also hope that
this will work with Pmw.

To enable an object to be dragged, you must create an event binding(more...)

src/g/a/GarlicSim-HEAD/garlicsim_wx/py2exe_cruft/almost_import_stdlib.py   GarlicSim(Download)
    import Tix
    import Tkconstants
    import Tkdnd
    import Tkinter
    import ToolTip

src/m/i/MindTree-1.0.0-a002/TreeEditor.py   MindTree(Download)
from Outline import Outline
from TkTools import menuItem, CALLBACK, EVTCALLBACK, EVTCALLBACK2, splitFilePath, exceptionPopup
import Tkdnd
import tkFont
from DocumentWriter.DocumentWriter import DocumentWriter