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ToasterBox Is A Cross-Platform Library To Make The Creation Of MSN Style "Toaster"
Popups Easier. The Syntax Is Really Easy Especially If You Are Familiar With The
Syntax Of wxPython.

It Has 2 Main Styles:

- TB_SIMPLE:  Using This Style, You Will Be Able To Specify A Background Image For
             ToasterBox, Text Properties As Text Colour, Font And Label.(more...)

src/s/w/SwitchHosts-HEAD/src_v0_1/libs/common_operations.py   SwitchHosts(Download)
    import ToasterBox as TB
    sw, sh = wx.GetDisplaySize()

src/s/w/SwitchHosts-HEAD/src/libs/MainFrame.py   SwitchHosts(Download)
                import ToasterBox as TB
            except ImportError:
                TB = None