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Data represention of an HTML tag, declaration, processing instruction,
etc.  Behaves as a tuple-like object (ie. iterable) and has attributes
.type, .data and .attrs.

>>> import _PullParser_Token
>>> t = _PullParser_Token._PullParser_Token("starttag", "a", [("href", "http://localhost/")])
>>> t == ("starttag", "a", [("href", "http://localhost/")])
>>> print t
_PullParser_Token('starttag', 'a', [('href', 'http://localhost/')])(more...)

src/m/e/mechanoid-0.6.9/mechanoid/pullparser/PullParser.py   mechanoid(Download)
from __future__ import generators		# allows us to run on pre 2.3
import re
import Token
from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
from exceptions import StopIteration