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src/s/c/scoop-0.7.1.release/examples/tree/TreeGen.py   scoop(Download)
import argparse
import Tree
if __name__=="__main__":

src/c/g/CGAT-0.2.0/CGAT/WrapperCodeML.py   CGAT(Download)
import TreeTools
import IOTools
import Tree
import Mali
import Genomics

src/c/g/CGAT-0.2.0/CGAT/TreeTools.py   CGAT(Download)
from Bio.Nexus.Trees import Tree
import Tree
import sys, string, re, StringIO

src/c/g/CGAT-0.2.0/CGAT/SVGTree.py   CGAT(Download)
import SVGdraw 
import TreeTools
import Tree
# some definitions for the layout of the picture

src/a/n/anapsid-HEAD/ANAPSID/Decomposer/decomposer.py   anapsid(Download)
import socket
import parseEndpoints, parseQuery, parseQuery1_1, services
import Tree
from itertools import combinations, permutations
from multiprocessing import Queue