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src/u/l/ultisnips-HEAD/pythonx/UltiSnips/snippet/source/file/snipmate.py   ultisnips(Download)
from UltiSnips import _vim
from UltiSnips.snippet.definition import SnipMateSnippetDefinition
from UltiSnips.snippet.source.file._base import SnippetFileSource
from UltiSnips.snippet.source.file._common import handle_extends
    if content and content.endswith(os.linesep):
        content = content[:-len(os.linesep)]
    yield "snippet", (SnipMateSnippetDefinition(trigger, content,
        description, full_filename),)
    content = content[:-1]  # Chomp the last newline
    return "snippet", (SnipMateSnippetDefinition(
        trigger, content, description, "%s:%i" % (filename, start_line_index)),)
def _parse_snippets_file(data, filename):