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src/m/a/matter-0.8-r960-20110308/matter/Structure.py   matter(Download)
    def _create_primitive_unitcell(self):
        # the ctor
        from UnitCell import UnitCell
        base = self._lattice.getPrimitiveLattice(self.sg)
        base = numpy.array(base)
        puc = UnitCell(base=base)

src/m/a/matter-0.8-r960-20110308/matter/orm/Structure.py   matter(Download)
from Atom import Atom
from Lattice import Lattice
from UnitCell import UnitCell
from matter.Structure import Structure

src/m/a/matter-0.8-r960-20110308/matter/crystalIO/testCif.py   matter(Download)
__doc__ = """Test conversion of CIF file into a UnitCell instance."""
from Translator import Translator
from UnitCell import UnitCell
from Atom import Atom
cellvectors = MInv(cell_params)
uc = UnitCell(cellvectors)
for item in ciflist: