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src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/blktap2.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
    def from_cli(cls, uuid):
        import VDI as sm
        import XenAPI
        session = XenAPI.xapi_local()
    def _activate_locked(self, sr_uuid, vdi_uuid, writable, caching_params):
        """Wraps target.activate and adds a tapdisk"""
        import VDI as sm
        #util.SMlog("VDI.activate %s" % vdi_uuid)
    def _deactivate(self, sr_uuid, vdi_uuid, caching_params):
        import VDI as sm
        # Shutdown tapdisk
        back_link = self.BackendLink.from_uuid(sr_uuid, vdi_uuid)

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/VASSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import SR
import VDI
import SRCommand
import util

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/udevSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
#         USB CDROM/disk devices
import SR, VDI, SRCommand, util, lvutil
import errno
import os, sys, time, stat

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/SRCommand.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import xs_errors
import xmlrpclib
import SR, VDI, util
import blktap2
import resetvdis

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/SR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import VDI
import xml.dom.minidom
import errno

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/SHMSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
import SR, VDI, SRCommand, util
import os, re
import xs_errors

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/NFSSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
# FileSR: local-file storage repository
import SR, VDI, SRCommand, FileSR, util
import errno
import os, re, sys

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/LVMSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import SR, VDI, SRCommand, util, lvutil, scsiutil
import errno
import os, sys

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/LVMoISCSISR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import SR, VDI, LVMSR, ISCSISR, SRCommand, util, scsiutil, lvutil
import statvfs, time
import os, socket, sys, re

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/LVMoHBASR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
import SR, VDI, LVMSR, SRCommand, devscan, lvutil, HBASR
import util, scsiutil
import os, sys, re

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