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src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/tests/test_action.py   eliot(Download)
    twisted = None
from .._action import (
    Action, _ExecutionContext, currentAction, startTask, startAction,
        logger = MemoryLogger()
        action = startTask(logger, "sys:do")
        self.assertIsInstance(action, Action)
        self.assertEqual(action._identification["task_level"], "/")
        logger = MemoryLogger()
        serializers = _ActionSerializers(None, None, None)
        action = startTask(logger, "sys:do", serializers)
        self.assertIs(action._serializers, serializers)
        logger = MemoryLogger()
        action = startTask(logger, "sys:do")
        action2 = startTask(logger, "sys:do")

src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/__init__.py   eliot(Download)
# Expose the public API:
from ._message import Message
from ._action import startAction, startTask, Action
from ._output import ILogger, Logger, MemoryLogger
from ._validation import Field, MessageType, ActionType

src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/tests/test_validation.py   eliot(Download)
from .._action import startAction, startTask
from .._output import MemoryLogger
from ..serializers import identity