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src/c/f/cffi-0.8.2/cffi/verifier.py   cffi(Download)
                import _cffi_backend
            except ImportError:
                _cffi_backend = '?'

src/c/f/cffi-0.8.2/cffi/api.py   cffi(Download)
            # You need PyPy (>= 2.0 beta), or a CPython (>= 2.6) with
            # _cffi_backend.so compiled.
            import _cffi_backend as backend
            from . import __version__
            assert (backend.__version__ == __version__ or

src/c/f/cffi-0.8.2/testing/test_version.py   cffi(Download)
import py, os, sys
import cffi, _cffi_backend
def setup_module(mod):
    if '_cffi_backend' in sys.builtin_module_names:

src/c/f/cffi-0.8.2/testing/test_ffi_backend.py   cffi(Download)
import py, sys, platform
import pytest
from testing import backend_tests, test_function, test_ownlib
from cffi import FFI
import _cffi_backend