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File controller class with inheritted classes for each type of file.

src/d/o/DonkeySimple-0.20.03/DonkeySimple/DS/__init__.py   DonkeySimple(Download)
from _site_generator import SiteGenerator, download_lib_statics, site_zip, join_uri
import _controllers as con
from _common import *
from _git import Git

src/d/o/DonkeySimple-0.20.03/DonkeySimple/DS/_site_generator.py   DonkeySimple(Download)
import os, shutil, re
import markdown2
from _common import *
import _template_renderer as tr
import _controllers as con

src/d/o/DonkeySimple-0.20.03/DonkeySimple/DS/ds_creator.py   DonkeySimple(Download)
import shutil, os, subprocess
import _controllers as con
from _site_generator import SiteGenerator
from random_string import get_random_string