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Perform HTTP Refresh redirections.

Note that if a non-200 HTTP code has occurred (for example, a 30x
redirect), this processor will do nothing.

By default, only zero-time Refresh headers are redirected.  Use the
max_time attribute / constructor argument to allow Refresh with longer
pauses.  Use the honor_time attribute / constructor argument to control
whether the requested pause is honoured (with a time.sleep()) or
skipped in favour of immediate redirection.(more...)

src/l/i/livepythonconsole-app-engine-HEAD/boilerplate/external/mechanize/_urllib2.py   livepythonconsole-app-engine(Download)
##      HTTPGzipProcessor
#from _http import \
from _googleappengine import \
     HTTPHandler, \
     HTTPDefaultErrorHandler, \