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src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/_traceback.py   eliot(Download)
from .serializers import identity
from ._util import safeunicode
from ._validation import MessageType, Field
    @param traceback: The traceback, a C{str}.
    msg = TRACEBACK_MESSAGE(system=system, reason=exception, traceback=traceback,

src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/__init__.py   eliot(Download)
from ._action import startAction, startTask, Action
from ._output import ILogger, Logger, MemoryLogger
from ._validation import Field, MessageType, ActionType
from ._traceback import writeTraceback, writeFailure
addDestination = Logger._destinations.add

src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/tests/test_testing.py   eliot(Download)
from .._action import startAction
from .._message import Message
from .._validation import ActionType, MessageType, ValidationError, Field
from .._traceback import writeTraceback
        specified L{MessageType}.
        MESSAGE = MessageType("mymessage", [], "A message!")
        logger = MemoryLogger()
        # index 0
        # index 2
        logged = LoggedMessage.ofType(logger.messages, MESSAGE)
        self.assertEqual(logged, [LoggedMessage(logger.messages[0]),
        type cannot be found.
        MESSAGE = MessageType("mymessage", [], "A message!")
        logger = MemoryLogger()
        self.assertEqual(LoggedMessage.ofType(logger.messages, MESSAGE), [])
        L{MemoryLogger.validate} registered as a test cleanup.
        MESSAGE = MessageType("mymessage", [], "A message")
        class MyTest(TestCase):

src/e/l/eliot-0.3.0/eliot/tests/test_validation.py   eliot(Download)
from unittest import TestCase
from .._validation import (
    Field, MessageType, ActionType, ValidationError,
    def messageType(self):
        Return a L{MessageType} suitable for unit tests.
        return MessageType("myapp:mysystem",
    MESSAGE = MessageType("myapp:mymessage",
                          [Field.forTypes("key", [int], "The key")],
                          "A message for testing.")