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"A global list of error identifiers that may be used.

The identifiers are gathered here for easy reference, for example when
writing an external error logger then it may be useful to know what
kinds of error identifiers to expect.

src/p/h/phabricator-tools-HEAD/py/abd/abdt_branch.py   phabricator-tools(Download)
import abdt_differ
import abdt_errident
import abdt_exception
import abdt_lander

src/p/h/phabricator-tools-HEAD/py/abd/abdi_processrepoargs.py   phabricator-tools(Download)
import abdt_compositenaming
import abdt_conduit
import abdt_errident
import abdt_git
import abdt_rbranchnaming

src/p/h/phabricator-tools-HEAD/py/abd/abdi_operation.py   phabricator-tools(Download)
import time
import abdt_errident
import abdt_tryloop