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src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/modular/abvar/morphism.py   sage(Download)
from sage.categories.morphism import Morphism as base_Morphism
from sage.rings.all import ZZ, QQ
import abvar as abelian_variety
import sage.modules.matrix_morphism
import sage.matrix.matrix_space as matrix_space

src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/modular/abvar/homspace.py   sage(Download)
from sage.misc.lazy_attribute import lazy_attribute
import abvar as abelian_variety
import morphism

src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/modular/abvar/homology.py   sage(Download)
from sage.rings.commutative_ring import is_CommutativeRing
import abvar
# TODO: we will probably also need homology that is *not* a Hecke module.

src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/modular/abvar/finite_subgroup.py   sage(Download)
from sage.misc.misc           import prod
import abvar as abelian_variety
from sage.categories.fields import Fields
_Fields = Fields()

src/s/a/sage-HEAD/src/sage/modular/abvar/constructor.py   sage(Download)
from abvar_newform import ModularAbelianVariety_newform
import sage.modular.modform.element
import abvar
_cache = {}