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src/o/a/oauthssodemo-HEAD/index.py   oauthssodemo(Download)
def get_current_account():
    session = get_current_session()
    if 'user_id' in session:
        return Account.get_by_key_name(session['user_id'])
        session['response_with_token'] = 'https://' + os.environ['HTTP_HOST'] + '/oauthcallback#' + self.request.query_string
        acct = Account.get_by_key_name(user_id)
        # not happy with this, but not sure what else is available       
    def get(self):
        session = get_current_session()
        logging.info('Session: %s' % session)
        user_id = session['user_id'] 
        account = Account.get_by_key_name(user_id)