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src/r/a/rainbeard-HEAD/views.py   rainbeard(Download)
        # Create a form from the POST data.
        form = account.LoginForm(request.POST)
        # If it's a valid user, log us in and redirect.
        if 'next' in request.GET:
            next = request.GET['next']
        form = account.LoginForm(initial={'next': next})
    # Display the form.

src/p/y/pypress-HEAD/pypress/forms/__init__.py   pypress(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
from .account import LoginForm, SignupForm, RecoverPasswordForm, \
            ChangePasswordForm, DeleteAccountForm, TwitterForm
from .blog import PostForm, CommentForm, LinkForm, TemplateForm

src/n/e/newsmeme-HEAD/newsmeme/forms/__init__.py   newsmeme(Download)
from .account import LoginForm, SignupForm, EditAccountForm, \
        RecoverPasswordForm, ChangePasswordForm, DeleteAccountForm