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actor - defines the actor top state 'ActorTopState'.

Actors, within the hsm library, are an implementation of hierarchical state.

Actors support the following features:
- *State Inheritance*
- *Hierarchical transitions*, with automatic _entry()/_exit()
- *Automatic protocol implementation*, to define an event just define an on_xxx

src/p/a/panda3d-editor-HEAD/src/pandaEditor/editor/nodes/__init__.py   panda3d-editor(Download)
import modelRoot
sys.modules['game.nodes.modelRoot'] = modelRoot
import actor
sys.modules['game.nodes.actor'] = actor
import lensNode

src/s/y/sylphis3d-HEAD/runtime/base/ui/sde.py   sylphis3d(Download)
from pyui import locals
from pyui.desktop import getRenderer
import actor
import variablecontrol

src/s/y/sylphis3d-HEAD/runtime/base/game/client.py   sylphis3d(Download)
import sylphis
import actor
import cmdline
import mthread

src/s/p/Space-Train-HEAD/engine/ui.py   Space-Train(Download)
import json, pyglet
import actor, cam, gamestate, inventory, util
class UI(object):

src/s/p/Space-Train-HEAD/engine/scene.py   Space-Train(Download)
import itertools
import camera, actor, gamestate, util, interpolator, convo
from util import walkpath, zenforcer, pushmatrix, shadow, draw

src/s/p/Space-Train-HEAD/engine/convo.py   Space-Train(Download)
import yaml
import actor, gamestate
from interpolator import LinearInterpolator

src/f/l/flowchartpython-1.1/flowchartpython/main.py   flowchartpython(Download)
    Debug = object()
import sourceFile, actor, keyboard
# Default settings.

src/h/s/Hsm-0.1.9/hsm/__init__.py   Hsm(Download)
from actor import *
from runtime_actor import runtime
import actor